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Women are naturally better balanced than men because their center of gravity is lower and they also have stronger legs muscles.

Women have different body dimensions than men and may require bikes that are more light weight and simple. Women tend to be more cautious when riding bikes so you do not have to have high-end components or upgraded forks or brakes. A good set of brakes is enough for a woman cyclist. Most women carry bags or grocery bags for that matter that is why bikes with compartments may be very useful for them.

Avoid big bikes when planning to buy women’s mountain bikes. Some examples of styles that can be recommended to women are cruisers, beach cruiser, or almost any single spread bike. Women’s mountain bikes are available in almost any bike shop.  You can also opt to look around in online catalogues where you can still get enough information about every bike model available.

The Cross Country (XC) Bike

When looking for women’s mountain bikes that can meet all of your cycling needs then it would be valuable to know all the available types in the market. Most bikes fit into the cross country category which is the most traditional and famous bike for mountain rides. These bikes are agile and of light weight -weighing between 20 and 30 pounds.

These cross country bikes could have no suspension at all (rigid) or could have only the front suspension (hard tail) or could have full suspension. They can be used on paved trails as well as for commuting and are perfectly suited for a weekend rider.

The Down Hill Bike

This type of women’s mountain bikes is build to last long and fitted nicely with beefed up parts making them very heavy and weighing between 35 to 45 pounds. They are built to take care of large drops and firm hits while riding down a mountain at full speed. This means that they are not designed for climbing up a hill.

Therefore, these down hill women’s bikes may require you to transport them with a vehicle on top of the mountain. They come with a front and rear suspension to make the ride smooth and they also have powerful disc brakes for controlled braking. These bikes can be custom made and are one of the most expensive types out there.

The All Mountain, Trials And Jump Bikes

The all mountain or trail womens mountain bikes is a blend of the cross country and downhill bikes considering that they are not as heavy as the free ride bikes nor are they as light as the cross country ones. It’s built to handle all areas a rider might go to in the course of his cycling.

The trials class of women’s mountain bikes is designed for hopping or jumping a bike over obstacles whether indoors or outdoors. The jump types are on the other hand are designed for street racing and jumping and for slalom down mountains. They are built to handle full-size hits and falls and are usually heavier than other racing bikes.


This classification of types of women’s mountain bikes may vary from one manufacturer to the other and some of their models may not fit in any of these classes at all. However, regardless of the design and model a bike’s use is determined by its components.


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