What size bike frame do i need?
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What size bike frame do i need?

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cannond1When buying a new bike, an important question which strikes us all is what frame size would suite us? Is there an exacting science to it or a bike size guide which can help us in choosing the right size of bicycle we need?

In general bikes are measured and defined by the size and length of the seat tube, this is the part of the bike where the seat is posted and the saddle slides into. The difference between being careful in choosing the rightbike frame size for yourself or just generally purchasing what seems right is speed, comfort and the ease of handling the bike once you’re on it.

Bicycle frames are also of different types. Titanium frames are great but a bit pricey. While they are durable and known to last for a long time, they are light in weight, which is why it is recommended that the main tubes should be mixed with carbon forks for better handling and comfort.carbon_frame

Bicycle frames that are made of carbon fiber, on the other hand, are less expensive but are very strong. This is probably why they are popular to bike enthusiasts.

Above are just some tips to consider when choosing the right frame for your bike. What is important is the biker’s personal preference. Other factors that could also fall into play are comfort, performance and, of course, budget.

So needless to say it’s important to put some careful thought into the bike frame size and also measuring it with your body frame. And although you are able to find a number of useful charts available online, it might be useful to try out a few models practically before deciding which one to go for.

When considering your own body frame vis-à-vis the bike you want to get, there are generally three measurements which can assist you in buying the right bike. These are your height, you’re inside measurement and your reach or the length of your arms.

For more information about the correct bicycle frame size you can watch the video below!

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