BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike 27.5''
BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike 27.5-Inch 10.7kg / 29er Bicycle 29-Inch MTB 11.8kg T800 Ultralight Frame 30 Speed SHIMANO M610 DEORE MTB Matte 3K CB20

BEIOU products were made mainly with Toray T800 carbon fiber, whose tensile strength is 500kgf/mm2, 4900MPa, the tensile modulus is 24ton/mm2, 230GPa, the elongation is 2.1, and the density is 1.8g/cm3.
For the part of Bottom Bracket, we overlap T800 and T1000 carbon fiber to increases the strength and the rigidity, which makes it work in great safety and speed up quickly in dancing.
The rear triangle part was made with Mitsubishi high carbon fiber, whose tensile strength is 450kgf/mm2, 4410MPa, the tensile modulus is 40ton/mm2, 395GPa, the elongation is 1.1, and the density is 1.82g/cm3.
BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike / 29er Bicycle 29-Inch MTB; SHIMANO M610 DEORE System
3*10 Speed, Hidden Disc Brake, Air Fork Suspension, Hardtail MTB
Toray T800 Carbon Fiber for Frame, Handle Bar and Seat Post; Ultralight 10.7 kg/11.8kg
Finish: 3K Matte Black / White Red;27.5″ / 29er RT wheel set Carbon Fiber Hubs
High Cost-performance, Designed for Cycling Enthusiasts and Professional Entry-level Riders Usually arrives in 7-10 business days to US continential addresses.

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Bell Array Bike Helmet

With its low-profile styling, massive ventilation and incredible comfort, the Array stacks up to many helmets costing twice as much. … Read More

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Bell BINDER 100 Caliper Brake Pads

Ideal for comfort or cruiser bikes with Caliper brakes
Pads for standard side pull and center pull brakes
Raised ribs for all weather stopping

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Bell Event XC Bike Helmet

Shell Material: polycarbonate
Impact Foam: EPS foam
Ventilation: 22 vents

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Blackburn Barrier Mud Guard Fender

This Blackburn Barrier Mudguard front fender, shields you from mud and spray without getting in your way. It mounts easily with reusable hook and loop straps, so you can attach it to nearly any mountain bike fork without any worries.


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Boeshield T-9 Waterproof Lubrication 4oz liquid

Boeshield is great for use in Marine, Bicycles, Automotive, Tools and Aviation
Boeshield loosens rusty and corroded parts and is safe on paints, any metal surfaces, plastics and vinyls
T-9 flushes out dirt and old lubricants and displaces moisture and penetrates moving parts

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CamelBak Podium Big Chill 25 oz Insulated Water Bottle

Double-wall construction keeps water cold twice as long as regular sport bottles
Innovative, self-sealing Jet Valve eliminates splatters and spills
Lightweight, easy-squeeze bottle delivers the right flow to quench your thirst

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CamelBak Podium Big Chill Insulated Water Bottle

CamelBak Podium Big Chill 25 oz is a high performance insulated sport bottle that keeps your water cooler longer. A … Read More

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CamelBak Podium Chill 21 oz Insulated Water Bottle

Double-wall construction keeps water cold twice as long as regular sport bottles
Innovative, self-sealing Jet Valve eliminates splatters and spills
Lightweight, easy-squeeze bottle delivers the right flow to quench your thirst

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Castelli Alpha Jacket – Men’s

Castelli Alpha Jacket For Men prepare for another season of cold-weather cycling, it behooves us to pause for a consideration of winter climbing. Climbing makes you hot, so your body produces sweat.

But then you hit the top, and the fast descent through cold air cools everything off  including the sweat. Since this chain of events usually means finishing a ride in clammy frigidity, confronting one or a series of taxing climbs during a winter ride is a daunting prospect.

In yet another first, Castelli produced the genre-defying Alpha Jacket for just such an occasion. Your need to climb may be due to the restrictions of local topography, the desire to interrupt the monotony of winter base miles, or your own inability to just take it easy on a training ride.


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Castelli Gabba 2 Convertible Jacket

Though the company is based in Milan, not Venice, Castelli designed the Gabba 2 Convertible Jacket according to this Italian maxim of simplicity with a key element of distinction. The Gabba 2 Jacket provides all of the inclement-weather utility of the Gabba 2 Long Sleeve Jersey but with the flexibility of one additional element that redefines the item: removable sleeves.

Material: Windstopper X-Lite
Zip: full-length
Season: fall, winter, spring

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Castelli Riparo Rain Jacket – Men’s

Looming clouds and threatening rainstorms are no match for the Castelli Men’s Riparo Rain Jacket. This little jacket packs a big punch to combat the weather, with a mix of waterproof materials and packability that will have you out braving the elements and your friends wondering when you became such a hard core, all-weather rider.

Just make sure to post photos and load the ride file. Castelli fashions the Riparo from its 2.5 layer Torrent IV fabric. It’s got a waterproof polyurethane membrane and woven outer shell that effectively blocks the elements.

You lose a tiny bit of breathability with that much weatherproofing, but given the unappealing consequences of getting caught in a storm with lesser materials and limping home a shivering, damp mess, it seems like a more than acceptable compromise.

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Castelli Sanremo 2 Men's Thermosuit
Castelli Sanremo 2 Thermosuit

When gearing up for cold-weather cycling, we typically accept that things like fit comfort and aerodynamics will be sacrificed in favor of wind-stopping power and warmth. Leave it to Castelli to refuse this sacrifice with the Sanremo 2 Men’s Thermosuit, a piece of kit designed to offer the aerodynamic benefits of a bulk-free fit without the restriction of bibs all while preserving the benefits you’d expect from the company’s flagship cold-weather technology.

The Sanremo 2 uses a mix of fabric panels in strategic locations to create a microclimate in the sliver of space between your skin and the Thermosuit. The Windstopper X-Lite fabric leads the charge on the upper portion, offering 1. 4 billion impossibly small pores per square inch that guard your microclimate jealously.

They don’t let wind in, but they do let moisture and water vapor out. This isn’t just based on vague marketing copy, though. The science behind Windstopper X-Lite is measurable in a rating called CFM, which stands for cubic feet per minute, used to measure the volume of air that passes through a fabric in, you guessed it, one minute. In order to be considered truly “windproof,” a fabric must register a CFM of equal to or less than 1. 0.

The Windstopper X-Lite fabric actually beats this rating, so you’re guaranteed a literally windproof top. The bottom portion is a mix of Thermoflex and Thermoflex Core2, using the former for areas that need more stretch and the latter in areas that need more protection. Both iterations of Thermoflex use hollow-core yarn to increase the size and insulating power of that thin microclimate.

The whole Thermosuit is water-resistant and lined with a brushed interior so it’s comfortable against your skin without any need of a mediating base layer. The fit is the same bulk-free, race-worthy fit you’d enjoy wearing Castelli’s Gabba Long-Sleeve Jersey and Sorpasso Bib Tights, less two elements: The bibs and the gaps.

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Castelli Seamless Base Layer – Short-Sleeve – Men’s

Material: [inner-layer] polypropylene, [outer-layer] nylon
Fit: anatomic
Length: waist

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Castelli Sorpasso Bib Tights For Men
Castelli Sorpasso Bib Tights – Men’s

Imagine being able to ride in cold weather with clothing that emulated all the best features of your summer-weight kit: bibs that didn’t restrict breathing, a chamois as good as the one in your best shorts, and lightweight materials that didn’t feel bulky or restrictivecastelli men’s sorpasso bib tights are part of Castelli’s Rosso Corsa line of products, and as a result, they get the Italian manufacturer’s very best treatment in materials, design, and fit.

The Sorpasso Bib Tights begin with Castelli’s top-of-the-line Progetto X2 pad, the same pad found in their best shorts. The top layer that contacts your skin is a made from a seamless, four-way stretch microdenier fabric designed to move in harmony with your body and eliminate the chafing that can come with materials with too little stretch.

It receives an antibacterial treatment and is bonded to a variable thickness pad made from multiple density foams the result is a smoothly contoured pad that places the firmest foam where support is most needed. Perforated inserts help to relieve pressure on the sit bones and perineum  just where riders experience the greatest pressure.

The front of the tights are cut from Thermoflex Core Due to keep the wind out. This two-layer material traps air in a hollow-core layer of polyester while moisture is transported to the outer nylon/Lycra layer where it can evaporate. A simpler fabric, Thermoflex, is used for the portions of the tights not exposed to the wind for greater breathability. Giro grippers keep both the bib straps and ankles in place. It’s rare to find bibtights that are this light and this warm. Like the bibs in the Rosso Corsa line, the waist of the Sorpasso Bib Tights is cut very low to eliminate restrictions on breathing caused by pressure on the belly. The Castelli Sorpasso Bib Tights are Black/white and are available in six sizes from Small through XXX-Large.

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CatEye – Strada Wireless Cycle Computer

Slim wireless bicycle computer with easy-to-program ClickTec touchscreen interface and wheel sensor
Displays current speed, maximum speed, average speed, trip distance, and more
Large digital display with easy to read numbers and one-touch functionality

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Craft Men’s Active Bike Thermal Wind Tights, Pants

360 degrees reflective print for visibility
Wind and waterproof elastic panel in front
Brushed inside for extra warmth and comfort

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Craft Men’s Active Extreme Long Sleeve Base Layer Crewneck

HEXA channeled fabric (six channels) against the skin enhances moisture transportation, cooling the body
HEXA channeled fabric (six channels) against the skin enhances moisture transportation, cooling the body|Hollow fiber on the outside of the fabric offers insulation and transports moisture to the next layer|NULL|Flat lock stitching prevents chafing,raglan shoulders for free arm movement,long torso for full coverage|

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Craft Women’s Cool Mesh Superlight Singlet Base Layer Sleeveless Shirt

Ergonomic fit for total freedom of movement
Mesh with big-hole construction for super ventilation and cooling
Excellent moisture transport

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Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function)

Includes 19 Tools
Comes with a Tool Flask
Includes Two Phillips and Two Flathead Screwdrivers

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