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If you are going to be riding your bike on long trips, or ride it on a regular basis, then you want one that fits you right, has a comfortable seat and easy to use shifting capabilities. You also might want to consider extra padding on the seat or shock absorbers that will take the brunt of your riding. You also want a bike that allows you to sit in an upright position thereby putting less of a strain on your back.

You can find men’s mountain bikes in many different places both online and at local retailers. There are many different brands and models to choose from, ranging in price for under $100 dollars, to upwards of two to three grand or more, depending on the brand, model, and what the bike is designed for. There are some important things to consider when buying a bike, what you are going to use it for, how often you are going to ride it, and your budget.

You can use a men’s mountain bike for many different things, from riding mountainous trails, going over rough terrain and enjoying the outdoors with friends. These bikes need to be built tough enough to withstand many conditions, have heavy duty frames, good shocks and suspensions, and extra protection for chains, derailers, and wheels. If you are using your mountain bike just to get around, or for light usage, then you may only need a more lightweight design.

If you are not that sure about the bike that you want, you can ask an expert to accompany you while you shop for one. An expert would be able to explain important things that you need to consider so you can get a bike that fits you perfectly, like for instance the stand over height, the clearance, as well as the saddle height. These are the three important things that you should take note of because there is a standard measurement for this, and with an expert’s advice, you’ll never get lost in the dark.

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    Wow!! I really got into that video!! Im embarrassed to say that I thought that they were dirt bikes… lol. This is looks like some awesome sport. Any of these races ever come to Maryland? Thanks for the info!

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      Thanks for your comment!

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