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How To Ride a Bicycle

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Learning how to ride a bicycle for adults must differ from how kids learn. You cannot go up the hill and push someone and hope he will learn how to ride a bicycle after a few tries without breaking bones. This process will not work for adults, especially with heavier people. Adults are inflexible compared to kids. This is because of psychological and physical reasons.

So instead of going with this process, consider the following.

• Remove your pedals and adjust your saddle low enough to allow your feet to easily and quickly touch the ground so when you start to wobble and fall, you can stabilize your bicycle with your foot.

• When you start to wobble, pedal a bit faster and control your bicycle by maneuvering your handlebar.

• Look for a softly inclined grassy hill and practice to ride a bicycle down the hill.

• It is advisable that you shift your gear to the second or third to provide you with better control of your bicycle.

• Have your pedal at about three o’clock position and continue pushing down.

• You can put your foot on and off the ground to keep your balance. However, do not do this while you are riding fast, otherwise you might injure yourself. Make sure you practice on a less trafficked place; it is best when you go to a place where there’s no traffic at all to avoid accidents.

• Just remember to keep moving on a faster speed because (as mentioned) it is easier to maintain balance and control as opposed to slow-motion speed. But, it may feel threatening, so be emotionally prepared to feel an adrenalin rush.

• Learn how to use your bicycle to make long and arching curves. Good cyclists know very well how to make longer curves and to adjust them quickly as necessary.


• Learning how to brake depends on what type of bicycle you have. However, a lot of people will most likely learn on a bicycle equipped with hand brakes. Disabling the brakes on the front is important to prevent you from being thrown over your handlebar.

• You need to know how to utilize your brake and how to make use of your body to effectively brake. You need to brace your arms and be prepared to lean on an opposite side and put your foot on the ground. But, only do so right after stopping, not a split second before making a stop.

• If your bicycle has coaster brakes, see to it that you practice braking with each of your foot, rather than either the right or left.

• Do not use your feet to brake, especially when you are riding fast.

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