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How To Choose The Right Saddle For Cycling?

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A saddle is a place on bike where we place all our weight while cycling or riding. So, it must be comfortable as well as compatible with all the movements of the legs which are common while riding. Saddles should be comfortable enough to assist the movements of legs while paddling. You can say that saddles can make a big difference. If you have a comfortable saddle you can have an amazing cycling experience.

if you haven’t the right saddle for your ride it will probably cause numbness or saddle soreness.Numbness is when your nerve is having too much pressure as you sitting on the saddle. And saddle sores occur when the skin is sliding across the seat too much.

Choosing the right saddle is a personal thing, some people will be very happy to cycle for hours on a thin saddle, while others will find the same saddle very uncomfortable.

Which type of saddle should you buy?

The width of the saddle is crucial to your comfort.If the weight is carried between the sit bones instead of on them you will be uncomfortable. If the saddle is too narrow the soft tissues will bear the body weight. If the saddle is too wide you may notice chafing on the inner thigh especially when it gets warmer outside and you perspire more.

OUTERDO-New-Bicycle-Saddle-Professional-Road-MTB-Gel-Comfort-Saddle-Bike-Bicycle-Cycling-Seat-Cushion-Pad-2715CM-More-color-BlackRed-0ROAD SADDLE

If you have a road,racing bike, my recommendation is to look for a performance saddle,long,narrow and light,with a cut-out in the tops.Your riding position requires fast pedaling which means less weight is on the saddle.


MOUNTAIN SADDLEGeneric-Outdoor-Mens-Anatomic-Relief-Bicycle-Mountain-Bike-Saddle-VD-104-Black-0

If you like nature and spend most of your times riding on mountain trails,i suggest to look for a mountain anatomic/ergonomic design,medium,narrow nose with a cut-out in the tops.Because of your different positions(sometimes siting on the saddle and others hovering over),you must exercise a lot, for having long, strong hamstrings and a flexible low back.
Sunlite-Cloud-9-Bicycle-Suspension-Cruiser-Saddle-Cruiser-Gel-Tri-color-Black-0CRUISER SADDLE

For long distance riding, the best solution is having a very wide,plenty of sit-bone cushioning and a fairly long, narrow nose. fully padded design saddle.The pedaling in this position is slow.Leather saddles may have perineum cutouts for protection and springs for added comfort. A bonus benefit: With no synthetic padding, the saddle stays cooler—a definite advantage on long, hot rides.

Types Of Cushioning

Despite the variety of saddles, the different sizes, different shapes and a different padding, all saddles have one thing in common. The cradle. The cradle is usually made from metal. The cradle is the part of the saddle that connects to the bike. Although most cradles are made from steel, many racing bikes may use a lighter material, like, for example, titanium or carbon fibre.The material that the saddle is made of, makes some difference in comfort.
Gel Seats
These saddles are more comfortable for short rides but can become uncomfortable for longer rides. This is because of the extra movement and sliding motion of the saddles, caused by the gel; it can cause chaffing, leading to discomfort on a longer ride. These saddles are recommended for short rides only. I would not recommend them if you are thinking of doing many long rides.
Cutaway Saddles
These saddles have portions cut out of them to relieve the pressure off your soft tissue areas. Like all saddles, you either love it or hate it. These saddles are not everyone’s favourite but many people like them.
Hole Saddles
These saddles have holes in strategic places to protect your perineum. Some people find these saddles very comfortable, others do not. Again, it’s down to personal preference.
Pressure Point Gel Inserts
Same as the hole saddles but gel is inserted into the hole.
Very wide, fully padded, may include springs or gel

Many times the cause of pain is not the saddle itself but the adjustment of the saddle and whether or not the bike fits the rider. Before tossing out a perfectly good saddle and laying out a 100.00 or more on a new fancy saddle make sure that your bike actually fits you and that the bike is adjusted properly.

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