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10 Great Chriѕtmаѕ Gift Ideas Fоr Cусliѕtѕ

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Christmas is a season where we share all the goodies together, you might be wondering what kind of gift to get for a friend. Although,they may not come right out and tell you to get a gift for them but here are 10 Christmas gift ideas for cyclists that every cyclist wants and needs.So,if you have a cycling enthousiast in your family you will love these cycling Christmas gifts!

1.Hydration Packs

For long rides every cyclist needs to keep properly hydrated. Hydration Packs come in a variety of sizes and styles and attach easily to both street and mountain bikes.


2.Cycle Helmet Mirror

Not only is this a great idea for safety, a cycle helmet mirror allows the cyclist to see where they have been and what may be approaching from behind.


3.Wireless Bike Computer

There are many versions and brands for this new hitech device.They all have slightly different features. But the best calculate things like: trip distance,speed,avarage trip speed,maximum speed.They can come with timer and stop watch capabilities. Also,they can have mapping and GPS features.They are great for training and never getting lost.

4.Bike Wind Jacket

This is always a welcome gift idea.A cyclist always needs a light weight cover jacket for when the temperature changes quickly.Something that is light weight and water proof is best.


5.Multi Purpose Tool

This helpful device is an all-in-one tool for emergency fixes on the road or trail.They usually come with multiple types of screwdrivers,Allen and hex wrenches,tire levers and more.they make the perfect stocking stuffer for a cyclist.


6.Bicycle Pump

A good bike pump that easily affixes and detaches to the bike frame,will always be a welcome gift.If you are not sure what types of valves they are using,Shraeder or Presta,best to get a a pump that has a head that works for more.


7.Bento Cycling Box

Like the Japenese lunch box,these come in either fabric or hard versions. They are designed to clip on the bike and provide storage for small important items like ID,energy bars,cell phone and the like.


8.Indoor Trainer

For the serious cyclist when the weather is to bad to go outdoors,they can still get a good work out with an indoor trainer.

9.Energy Gel Packets

Every serious cyclist uses energy supplements for long and difficult rides.These will be very appreciated!


10.Bicycle Christmas Ornament

Pick up a christmas ornament that features a bike and have their name and the year engraved on it.

I hope you’l get some good christmas gift ideas this year and have a lot of fun with the people you love!





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